10-yr-old Mentally Disabled, Amputee Was #Gang #Raped in a Hospital in Agra

July 17, 2015, Agra,

A10-year-old mentally-disabled girl was gang raped in a hospital while she was recovering after having her leg amputated following a train accident. Police have arrested one person in connection with the attack while, the victim’s statement and medical examination indicate that it was a gang rape.


10-yr-old girl #raped by #neighbour in Meerut

19 July 2015, Meerut

A 10 year old girl was raped by her neighborh, Afsar, who it’s reported had also attempted to burn his own wife to death in the previous week.

12 year old girl #sextrafficked by her parents for two years in Kerala

8 July 2015, Kerala
A 12 year old girl was being pimped by her parents over two years. They would collect Rs.3000 from the “customers.”
The crime was exposed following an anonymous call to Child Line that a sex racket has been operating at Kottakkal in Malappuram district where a minor girl was the victim. The counselors of the Child Line recorded the statement of the victim, who was later rescued and shifted a safe place. Subsequently, police registered a case against the victim’s parents and others.


12-year-old #rape victim forced to give birth due to #abortion law

A 12 year old girl who got pregnant after she was repeatedly raped was denied permission for abortion as she had crossed the 34 week limit under Indian law. She gave birth and has asked the court to put the baby up for adoption.


Mumbai couple buy 11-yr-old girl as “maid” and physically & sexually torture her

21 April 2015, Mumbai

A Mira Road resident and his wife have been arrested for buying a minor girl as a maid and torturing her by making her work, starving her, abusing her physically abusing her. They’d also sexually torture her by putting chillies in her private parts. Sarjil Ansari, 38, a dealer in napkins, and his wife Farhat, 35, would assault the 11-year-old girl and increase the volume of the sound system to ensure that the neighbours do not hear her cries.

The police said the couple bought the girl from Badaun area of Uttar Pradesh for Rs15,000 a year ago, They promised the girl’s parents that they would take care of her and educate her in Mumbai.


IAS officer arrested for #rape of 4 #school #girls

20 March 2015 Maharashtra

A senior Indian Administrative Service officer has been booked by the police for sexually assaulting four schoolgirls.

Maruti Sawant (58), director-general of the Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research (MCAER) was arrested by the police on Thursday and booked on charges of rape and molestation of minor girls – aged between 8 and 10 years – who lived in his apartment building.


13-year-old Devdasi Girl, #Raped by #Religious Leaders in #India, Gives Birth

December 28, 2014, Maharashtra

A 13-year-old “devdasi” who was repeatedly raped over a period of time by several “religious leaders” in Akole tehsil of Ahmednagar, gave birth to a daughter. The police has arrested four persons. The girl was sold off as a ‘Devdasi’ by her grandmother Leelabai Jadhav when she was one year old. When she was 10, she was taken away to sing in gondhal (night programmes) by prime accused Rajendra Chavan, who was also her “guru”  and godfather. She is believed to have been sexually abused by Chavan and many others since she was 10.


Despite numerous laws, the Devdasi tradition where daughters are sold into ‘temple prostitution’ continues to flourish in India. For more see this report http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2011/jan/21/devadasi-india-sex-work-religion

12-Year-Old Girl #Gang #Raped and Stabbed to Death in Delhi, #India

11 December 2014, New Delhi

The family of a 12 year old girl says she was raped by two men before they stabbed her to death. Their community is upset that though the police have arrested the man, but they deny the girl was raped.


6-month-old baby #girl #raped in Gujarat, #India

3 December 2014, Gujarat

A 6 month old baby girl was raped by a person known to the family. The man has been arrested and charged.


Another 6-year-old girl #raped by teacher in school – via Times of #India

31 October 2014

This is the second incident in 10 days in Bangalore, of a child being raped by a teacher in school. A 6 -year-old in a private school was raped twice by her teacher. A few days ago a 4-year-old was raped by her teacher in another private school.

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