A pregnant woman was raped in Uttar Pradesh

25 March 2015, Uttar Pradesh

A 30 year old married, pregnant woman was raped by her neighbor while she was alone at home


Man accused of killing wife and 3 children for #dowry

15  March 2015, Lucknow

A 35-YEAR-OLD woman and her three children were found hanging in their house at Sadiabad area in Ghazipur.

The brother of the woman, Sushila, lodged a murder case against her husband, alleging he killed her and the children as his demand for dowry was not met.


16-year-old #girl killed by family in suspected #honorkilling

10 March 2015, Bareilly

A 16 year old girl who had eloped with her boyfriend, is believed to have been killed by her family, that had got the boyfriend arrested on kidnapping charges, but feared the daughter would testify in his favor to free him. The family claims unknown people came into their house and shot her dead. But a blood-stained hammer, axe and spade were recovered from the girl’s house after a search, and the police concluded that the family had committed the murder.

Woman in Gaya branded #witch, paraded with tonsured head

13 March 2015, Bihar

A mob of villagers branded a village woman as witch, got her head tonsured and paraded her in the Afzalpur village. The woman’s tormentors included her relatives.

The victim, Kalawati Devi was a faith healer for the last several years and the villagers blamed the death of a 3 year old boy on her. The police have arrested some of the men involved.


IAS officer arrested for #rape of 4 #school #girls

20 March 2015 Maharashtra

A senior Indian Administrative Service officer has been booked by the police for sexually assaulting four schoolgirls.

Maruti Sawant (58), director-general of the Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research (MCAER) was arrested by the police on Thursday and booked on charges of rape and molestation of minor girls – aged between 8 and 10 years – who lived in his apartment building.


Rape and Murder of a 75-Year-Old Woman in West Bengal, 4 Detained

18 March 2015 Bengal

The naked, battered body of 75-year-old widow who lived alone, indicates she was possibly raped and murdered. 4 men have been retained.


60-yr-old #Tribal woman shot dead in ‘#witch hunt’ in Tripura, India

17 March 2015, Tripura

60-year old Kanyapati Debbarma of Duraishamrai ADC village, about 20 km from Kamalpur, was killed by her relatives, who barged into her house and shot her in the head with a rifle at close range as she cooked her evening meal. They accused her of being a witch. Over the last few years about 50 women have been killed in such “witch hunts” in Tripura alone.



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