17-yr-old girl beheaded in #Honorkilling and her head paraded around village

19 August, U.P.,
17 year old Pool Jehan was beheaded by her two brothers for being in love, and her head  paraded around the village. It’s reported the brothers kept saying “This is a lesson to girls who have relationships. We do not allow our daughters or sisters to have affairs.”

#Rape victim refused #abortion by court, punished by villagers

8 August 2015, Gujarat

The court refused her abortion after she became pregnant by her rapist. Then her village punished her by forcing her to balance a 40kg rock on her head in order to prove her “purity” and be able to live with her husband again.

The woman, who was refused an abortion by Gujarat High Court in India, and reportedly had to later surrender her baby to the government, is having to undergo the ‘sanctity test’ for an unspecified time frame. The woman also lives in fear of her life as the rapist has threatened to kill her after he gets out of prison.


Pregnant woman #gang #raped by #Army soldiers in #Assam, India

11 Aug, 3015, Assam
A 7 month pregnant woman was abducted from her house  and gang raped by two army soldiers. Rampant rape by military personal in the North Eastern States of India continues to be a human rights issue the Indian government has yet to act on.


5 women group lynched in midnight ‘#witch #hunt’ by Indian village

9 August, 2015, Bihar

Five women, branded as witches, were stripped and lynched in a village assembly at Kanjiya Maraitoli village in Jharkhand. The women were all in their 50s. Police identified the men involved and arrested 27 of them. Many of the arrested are students of Mandar College.
Many women, particularly widows, are usually killed over family disputes and land grabs on the pretext of ‘witch hunts.’ The villagers are defiant and have threatened to lynch three more women.


Sexually Harassed by a #Stalker, 17-Year-Old #Girl Immolates Self, Dies

11 August 2015, Punjab.
A class 9 student, harassed by a stalker for weeks, set herself on fire. She succumbed to her burns but gave a video statement before she died in the hospital.


Woman #Police Constable Beaten to Death for #Dowry

Muzaffarnagar, UP, August 3, 2015

Renu Kumar, a woman constable, was beaten to death by her husband and in-laws over dowry in Khatauli town.

She got married to Kapil Kumar, a computer engineer, in 2014. Renu was posted at Khatauli police station, was admitted to Anand Hospital in Meerut by her in-laws where she died yesterday.


3 #Dowry #Murders in 3 Days in the Small Town of Berhampur, Orissa


July 25, 2015, Berhampur (Brahmapur) Orissa,

Priyanka, Jhili and Sukanti – three women murdered for dowry in three consecutive days in this small town of Orissa.

Jitendra Kumar Sahu of Padhal, about 45 km from here, had strangulated his wife Priyanka to death. The couple has a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Burupda under Jarada police limits reported a similar case the previous day. Bananali Behera killed his wife Jhili and the couple has a two-year-old daughter.The same day, police arrested Lalatendu Sahu of Hinjli after his wife Mamini lodged a complaint, accusing him of torturing her for dowry. They got married last year. On Wednesday, police arrested Subash Dakua of Panchabhuti village for allegedly throttling his wife Sukanti to death the previous day. Subash is a daily wage labourer, police added.


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