Harassed for dowry, 24 yr old Yogita committed suicide

Shirdi, 12 May 2015
24-year-old  Yogita Mahale committed suicide by hanging herself in a village here, police said today. Yogita a resident of Pohegaon village, who was being harassed for dowry by her husband and in-laws, is said to have committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan at her residence on Thursday Shirdi police station in-charge Pramod Wagh said.


Husband refused bail for the dowry related deaths of his wife & child

20 April Mumbai

A High Court had refused bail to the husband of a woman who was found drowned to death with her 1 year old son in a lake. The husband claimed it was suicide. But the judge argued even if it was, she was driven to it because of persistent harassment and abuse for dowry and gold.


Delhi Judge Rules “Minor beatings” By Husband As Acceptable In A #Dowry Related Suicide

March 31, 2015, New Delhi

In a case where the prosecution has argued that physically abused by the husband for dowry, a woman was driven to suicide, as is the case with hundreds of dowry related deaths (murders) in India, the judge in a Delhi trial court ruled that “Minor incidents of beatings” do not amount to cruelty upon wife, while acquitting a man in the dowry death case of his wife. Giving the benefit of doubt to Delhi resident Jagmohan, the court said, “Minor incidents of beatings on small issues can take place in any household and it would be unsafe and rather hazardous to overstretch these and give them the colour of cruelty as defined in the explanation attached to Section 498A IPC.”


Woman Poisoned to Death for Dowry in Lucknow, India

Lucknow, UP, 23 January, 2015

After six months of marriage, 23-year-old Saraswati’s in-laws started torturing her demanding Rs 50,000 in cash and gold chain as dowry.  On January 20, her father was informed by Saraswati’s in-laws that she was admitted in Trauma Centre after consumed poison. Upon reaching the hospital, he learnt from Saraswati that her in-laws were the ones who gave her poison. Saraswati died soon after. Budhram has filed a case against his daughter’s husband Moolnarayan, his parents and brother at the BKT police station.


Indian #woman in the #US commits suicide due to dowry harassment

20 January, 2014, California

An woman who was married to an Indian man and was living in California since 1999 committed suicide because according to her family, her husband kept harassing her for dowry. Her family had already paid a large dowry at the time of the wedding.

Chaya Mandal: Another Woman Burnt to #Death for #Dowry in India

29 December, 2014, Malda, West Bengal

Pintu Mandal who had been married to Chaya for 5 years, has been charged with murder for burning his wife to death for dowry. Pintu currently is on the run with his parents who along with him had started torturing Chaya for dowry, soon after the wedding.


A woman drowns herself and her two daughters due to #dowry abuse in Hyderabad, #India

Hyderabad, 5 December 2014

A 24 year old woman, Shanoor, killed her two infant daughters and committed suicide by drowning, when her husband’s abuse of her for dowry became unbearable. Her family had given her husband a lot of dowry during their wedding in cash, gold and a motorcycle. But he resumed his demand for more dowry when she gave birth to girls, as punishment for having daughters.



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