Woman and her infant #daughter strangled to death for #dowry

June 15, UP

21 year old Manisha and her five-month old baby girl were strangled to death for dowry by her husband and in-laws. The five people involved are absconding.


Man tried to bury his 9-year-old #daughter alive in Tripura, #India

14 January, 2015 Tripura

A father, who disliked the idea of having a girl, tried to bury alive his 9 year old daughter, after tying her hands and gagging her. A neighbor raised the alarm and the man has been arrested. But when released, he will return home. Won’t he try to hurt the girl again?



Woman Imprisoned in the Toilet for 3 Years for #Dowry

Bihar, September 9, 2014
A 25 year old woman was imprisoned by her husband and in-laws ,in a dark toilet without adequate food for 3 years. They were demanding more dowry from her, specially when she gave birth to a girl 3 years ago, a ‘punishment’ many women are subjected to when they have daughters. The woman is disoriented, dirty and unkempt, hypersensitive to light and very distressed specially because her 3 year old girl does not recognize her.

#Mother and 9-year-old #Daughter Suspected of Being Murdered for #Dowry

Nagpur, Maharashtra, May 1, 2014

Tortured by her husband and in-laws torture for dowry, a woman is said to have committed suicide with her 9-year-old daughter at Aashirwad Nagar. The bodies of Tarrannum Shaikh, 23, and her daughter Jainab Fatima were found floating in a well near her Aashirwad Nagar residence. Police have arrested Tarrannum’s husband and four in-laws.

Tarrannum’s relatives have alleged murder. Her parents claimed that her in-laws and husband who had been torturing their daughter for dowry, had killed the mother and daughter duo and thrown the bodies into the well.




Mother and Grandmother Kill Twin Baby Girls

Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu, October 09, 2009,

In a shocking case of female infanticide in southern Tamil Nadu, 21-year old Revathy along with her mother as accomplice, killed the new born twin girls she had given birth to two weeks ago.  While at the hospital, Revathy slit one of the infant’s throats, while her mother strangled the other.  Both the women were arrested in Thoothukudi district on Thursday. The police said the women were disappointed that both the babies were girls.  ( Watch Video ) See the report here

Mother Kills 1-Day-Old Baby In The Hospital

Delhi, Feb 08, 2006

Pammi, a 25-year-old from Bihar’s Nalanda district, who has two young sons and had a complicated pregnancy.  A day after giving birth to a girl, Pammi strangled the baby as she slept next to her on the hospital bed.

Pammi who initially said the child died a natural death,  later confessed and said: “I made a mistake. But I did not want a girl child. It’s considered a bad omen back in our village in Bihar. So I killed her.” Read the report here

Mother Throws Baby Daughter Out of The Window

Mumbai, October 20, 2010,

A woman threw her one-month-old daughter out of a hospital’s bathroom window Tuesday morning, leading to the baby’s death hours later. She had been injured in the fall from the first floor of KEM Hospital, and rats had chewed on her ears on the compound. Read the report here

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