Pregnant woman #gang #raped by #Army soldiers in #Assam, India

11 Aug, 3015, Assam
A 7 month pregnant woman was abducted from her house  and gang raped by two army soldiers. Rampant rape by military personal in the North Eastern States of India continues to be a human rights issue the Indian government has yet to act on.

60-yr-old #Tribal woman shot dead in ‘#witch hunt’ in Tripura, India

17 March 2015, Tripura

60-year old Kanyapati Debbarma of Duraishamrai ADC village, about 20 km from Kamalpur, was killed by her relatives, who barged into her house and shot her in the head with a rifle at close range as she cooked her evening meal. They accused her of being a witch. Over the last few years about 50 women have been killed in such “witch hunts” in Tripura alone.

Arunachal Woman #raped & #murdered – via Times of #India on Mobile

2 November 2014, Arunachal Pradesh

A 56 -year-old woman was raped and murdered. The accused assailant is said to have committed suicide in police custody after his arrest.

Road Construction Worker Gang Raped and Murdered in Arunachal

2 October 2014

The victim was working as a casual labourer for a road construction company. At least three men have been arrested, one of whose house the victim’s body was discovered in.–murder-shock-Tawang/articleshow/44019646.cms

Body of beheaded teenage girl in Meghalaya

6 October 2014, Meghalaya

A brutally dismembered body of a teenager was discovered in Meghalaya. Her head and arms had been hacked off. The body was naked and she is believed to have been raped before she was killed. Her mother has filed a police complaint against her husband, the girl’s stepfather, who she suspects of the crime.

Raped and murdered while working on her farm in Arunachal

31 August 2014
A 35 year old farmer was raped and killed while working on her farm in Arunachal Pradesh in NE India. While much has been made globally about preventing rape by building toilets, the fact is women and girls are raped while working in the fields, fetching wood or water, walking to school, or simply going for a stroll like the two schoolgirls raped and hanged from a tree in Assam a few days ago (see previous post).

NE Student Sexually Assaulted by Three Male Students At Vishwa Bharati University

29 August, 2014, West Bengal

A student from Sikkim at the prestigious Vishwa Bharati University was sexually assaulted by three other male students at the University.  The student is traumatized not just by the assault but the oppressive treatment meted out to her by the University. Her father said, the university try to prevent them from filing a police complaint, even as they took no action against the male students and grilled the victimized student implying that she may be responsible.  There have been an increasing number of racially motivated sexual and other physical assaults on north-eastern students in the major metropolises of India.

#Militant Group Shoots a Woman Six Times in the Head for Resisting #Gang #Rape

Meghalaya, June 5, 2014

Meghalaya: Encounter on With Militants Who Killed Woman in Front of Her ChildrenA militant, separatist group shot and killed a 35-year-old woman, after she fought off their attempt to gang rape her.  The woman’s five children and husband were made to witness the assault.  She was shot point blank, six times in the head.  The militant group Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) has been terrorizing the people of the state, and has also threatened journalists who report on them.

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