Woman stabbed 35 times and murdered by two #Stalkers in Delhi’s #AnandParbat

16 July  2015, Delhi

19 year old Lakahmi who was shopping with her mother in Delhi’s Anand Parbat area, was attacked and stabbed 35 times by two men who had been stalking her for months. The police had refused to file a case against the men when she reported them. Bystanders did not intervene, and some say the men’s mother was egging them on.

Man burns 6-yr-old girl to death after her aunt resists #rape

17 May 2015, Chattisgarh

Mahaveer, who was known to the victim’s aunt broke into the house and attempted to rape her. When he failed in his attempt, he burnt the woman’s 6 year old niece and 3 year old. nephew to death.


16-year-old #girl killed by family in suspected #honorkilling

10 March 2015, Bareilly

A 16 year old girl who had eloped with her boyfriend, is believed to have been killed by her family, that had got the boyfriend arrested on kidnapping charges, but feared the daughter would testify in his favor to free him. The family claims unknown people came into their house and shot her dead. But a blood-stained hammer, axe and spade were recovered from the girl’s house after a search, and the police concluded that the family had committed the murder.

Woman labourer gang #raped and #murdered in Amritsar

9 February 2015, Amritsar

26-year-old female labourer was gang-raped and strangled to death in a building under construction on the outskirts of the city.


Was this 11-yr-old #girl beaten by a policeman, also burnt to death by him? Madhya Pradesh, #India

31 January, 2015, Madhya Pradesh

An 11-year-old Yasmeen on died, two days after the police say she set herself on fire. It is reported that  she was thrashed and threatened by a policeman Jaroliya  in Madhya Pradesh, for riding his bicycle without permission.  The police say she was scared and ashamed because Jaroliya had threatened to get her family jailed. The doctors at Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital tried hard to save Yasmeen, who had 100% burn injuries, but could not.

The police are waiting for the autopsy report before initiating criminal proceedings. Jaroliya and his family members were untraceable and their house was found to be locked, he said.

However even though this is the police’s version of the story, the girl’s family says it is murder. Rehana Bi, Yasmeen’s mother, however has alleged that it was Jaroliya who set her daughter on fire.


Woman Poisoned to Death for Dowry in Lucknow, India

Lucknow, UP, 23 January, 2015

After six months of marriage, 23-year-old Saraswati’s in-laws started torturing her demanding Rs 50,000 in cash and gold chain as dowry.  On January 20, her father was informed by Saraswati’s in-laws that she was admitted in Trauma Centre after consumed poison. Upon reaching the hospital, he learnt from Saraswati that her in-laws were the ones who gave her poison. Saraswati died soon after. Budhram has filed a case against his daughter’s husband Moolnarayan, his parents and brother at the BKT police station.


Woman Burnt to Death After Returning to her Husband’s house

17 December 2014, Bareilly

She has left behind a one month old daughter. It’s a case that so often repeats in India, where women who are abused for dowry leave their husbands, and then are talked into returning by relatives and neighbors. This young woman too returned only to be burnt to death.


#Woman chained to tree and #burnt alive in #India

19 January 2015 Kanpur, UP

A woman was chained and padlocked to a tree by her husband, and set on fire. Unable to escape she burnt to death. She was the man’s third wife.


65-year-old woman dies after being #gang- #raped in #India

19 January 2015, Varanasi, UP

A 65 year old widow who lived alone died due to excessive blood loss, after she was gang raped by four men, who also sexually tortured her by inserting various objects into her private parts.


Severed torso of woman found in a drain near Delhi

7 January 2015, Noida

The torso of a woman severed of arms, legs and the head was discovered in a ditch near the nation’s capital. It’s the third such killing of a woman in/around Delhi in 10 days, making women more wary of the city as the most dangerous in India.


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