17-yr-old girl beheaded in #Honorkilling and her head paraded around village

19 August, U.P.,
17 year old Pool Jehan was beheaded by her two brothers for being in love, and her head  paraded around the village. It’s reported the brothers kept saying “This is a lesson to girls who have relationships. We do not allow our daughters or sisters to have affairs.”


16-year-old #girl killed by family in suspected #honorkilling

10 March 2015, Bareilly

A 16 year old girl who had eloped with her boyfriend, is believed to have been killed by her family, that had got the boyfriend arrested on kidnapping charges, but feared the daughter would testify in his favor to free him. The family claims unknown people came into their house and shot her dead. But a blood-stained hammer, axe and spade were recovered from the girl’s house after a search, and the police concluded that the family had committed the murder.

19-yr-old Indian girl stoned to death by family for being in love


15 January 2015, Utter Pradesh
19 year old Pratibha was in love with a boy her parents did not approve of. Her punishment was she was dragged out of the house, publicly stoned with bricks till her face was smashed beyond recognition, and strangled to death.

#Honorkilling: A #Dalit man and his Muslim Wife hacked to death in broad daylight

29 November 2014, Hapur
A young inter-religious, newly married couple, were hacked to death with a sword, by the bride’s brother, with their families and the village watching on. The man was from the Dalit caste, and that could have been one of the reasons for the killing.

Parents in Delhi kill and burn their daughter for marrying the man she loved

19 November 2014, New Delhi

21-year-old Bhavna Yadav, a student at the Delhi University, had married a man she loved, against her parents wishes. Angered her parents strangled her to death, and later planned and burnt her body to destroy evidence. Though such “honour killings” are assumed to take place in rural areas, as this case proves, it occurs even among the educated, urban families in India.

Brother organized sister’s murder in what the police are calling a Honour Killing

August 17, 2014 Madhya Pradesh
When 21 year old Pooja was found dead in her house, her brother claimed it was her boyfriend because of property disputes. However by mid August police investigations revealed that Pooja’s brother had hired two men to kill her boyfriend and dispose of him, and then kill her, because he did not approve of the relationship. Though the police are treating this as an “honor killing” shouldn’t we be asking if this has become a convenient “cultural” explanation for all kinds of criminally motivated killings? For all we know, couldn’t the brother be the one who had issues about property?


Family’s Attempts #HonorKilling16-yr-old Girl Pregnant By #Rape

Agra, UP, June 15, 2014
She was rap ed at a birthday party. When her family found out she was pregnant they tried to get her an abortion. When that didn’t work, her mother and uncle tied her up and threw her into a river hoping she’ll drown. When she was rescued by some villagers and taken to a police station, the police ignored her, and let her sit for three hours without food or medical aid till she passed out.
“Honor Killings” of women and girls raped is not uncommon in India. Often the victim is forced to commit suicide to “save the family’s honor.” In 1947, during the partition of India and Pakistan, thousands of women who had been raped were killed by their families.

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