12 year old girl #sextrafficked by her parents for two years in Kerala

8 July 2015, Kerala
A 12 year old girl was being pimped by her parents over two years. They would collect Rs.3000 from the “customers.”
The crime was exposed following an anonymous call to Child Line that a sex racket has been operating at Kottakkal in Malappuram district where a minor girl was the victim. The counselors of the Child Line recorded the statement of the victim, who was later rescued and shifted a safe place. Subsequently, police registered a case against the victim’s parents and others.


Two men slit a woman’s throat as to tries to protect her 13-yr-old daughter | Kolkata, #India

22 February 2015, Kolkata

Two men attack a woman and slit her throat as she tried to stop them from abducting her 13 year old daughter. There have been a spate of gang rapes of girls and women here, and also an increase in abductions of girls by sex-trafficking networks


Woman seeking a job, sold off and raped by 35 in a day in Ondia

Mumbai, 18 February 2015

A woman who was promised a job, was “sold off for Rs 1 lakh” in Bhiwandi’s red light area where she was raped by 35 men on a single day. A number of sex trafficking cases are similar stories of women being sold by people they know, after being lured with promises of a job.


Girl Held Captive by a Family in Orissa, India, and Raped Over Two Years

Berhrampur, Orissa, 23 January, 2015

An underage girl had been held captive by a man with an engineering diploma, and his parents in their house for two years. And while parents abused and tortured her, and used her as a domestic slave, the son raped her. The girl has been rescued by an anti-human trafficking unit, and three accused have been arrested


#Women Inmates in Indian #Prison Say Wardens Forcefully #Prostitute Them

Bangalore, November 14, 2014

A judge has discovered complaint letters from women inmates at a high security prison, who say the prison wardens have been forcefully prostituting them to male prisoners for a fee. The prisoners say there are also other ways the wardens extort money from them.


Parents in Hyderabad are SexTrafficking Their Daughters’ Into Pretense “Marriages” for a Night

This photo is not of Tasleema. It is 14-year-old child bride Laxmi from Kamkheda village, in Rajasthan, on her wedding day on May 7, 2011.

Tasleema is a 14 year old school girl from the city of Hydrebad in India, whose mother sold her in “marriage” to 61-yer-old man from Oman for $700. Tasleema had got ready for school, when her mother took her to this man’s apartment and told her that she’d be getting “married” to him immediately.  She was also “divorced” the same day.  Her mother left Tasleema in the hotel for two nights during which time the man raped her repeatedly.  Tasleema who was in great pain from the repeated sexual assault managed to call her uncle for help who got the man and her mother arrested.

But Tasleema was thrown out of the family home because they said she had brought them shame. Her 16-year-old sister Naseem was also thrown out for supporting her. Tasleema’s school expelled her.

Tasleema says “If I had known that my mother would have also been arrested, I would have never called my uncle. I didn’t want any trouble for her … it was so painful that I didn’t know what else to do.”

Taslima’s case is not unique. Wealthy men from Arab countries started coming here since the 1970s, looking into poor Muslim neighborhoods in Hyderabad to buy “virgin brides” who are as young as 11 or 12.  But over the past few years this city has become a child sextrafficking market with parents bargaining away their underage girls for a few days of “marriage.”  A “husband” pays between $500 and $1,500 for a “wife.” The money is shared by the girl’s family, the marriage broker and the qazi, the Muslim judge who performs the wedding.

Full report here http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2014/10/13/indias_prostitute_brides_girls_raped_as_temporary_wives.html

Also see link below on a tradition of sextrafficking of girls by their families in certain communities like the Bedia in India. These girls are not allowed to get married, but support the family for as long as they can.


Yet another form of sextrafficking in India is “bride trafficking” where girls are sold by their parents to families of men who can’t find brides because the sexratio for girls in their region has dropped so much.  These girls are gang raped by all the men in the family they marry into, used for reproduction and then resold are “brides” to other families. Below is the link to our post on this


#SexTrafficked “Brides” : “Prices drop with every resale”

September 2014
Jamila is now 60 and sold to her third husband. Hers is one of the many cases of women sex-trafficked across the country, sold and resold multiple times, and subject to extreme sexual and physical violence, including habitual gang rapes by male relatives of the “husband” all in the guise of “marriage.” As one of the traffickers here openly admits, “with every resale the prices (of the ‘brides’) drop, as with any other commodity.” Yet, because this happens in the name of marriage there is no law against it, and no imitative on the part of the government to stop this form of rapidly increasing sex-trafficking.


14-yr-old Delhi girl #sextrafficked by her mother

March 2014, Delhi

A 14-yr-old filed a complaint with the police against her mother who she said sex trafficked her to various men in the city. If she resisted, she would be starved and abused. Most sextraffickers of teenagers in India are people known to them, like family, relatives, and neighbors.


Meerut’s Forced Abduction and #Gang #Rape of a Woman Believed to Be Part of A #SexTrafficking Network

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, August 04, 2014

A 20-year-old woman, who said she thought she was being offered a teacher’s job, said she was held hostage in a Madrassa, where she was gang raped and forcibly converted to Islam.  In her complaint she also said there were other young women being held hostage there.  There are fears that this incident could lead up to communal tensions in a state that has already seen numerous communal riots where women of both communities are often targeted with rape.  There has also been a demand for a full investigation by the police of whether this case is part of a larger racket of human and sex trafficking.




Her Breasts Were Chopped Off for Resisting #Sex-Trafficking

Thane, Maharashtra, March 23, 2014

A 24-year-old woman was beaten up, her teeth broken, and breasts chopped off when she resisted being forced into prostitution by the brothel owners who had ‘bought’ from traffickers.  The woman is originally from Gujarat and was kidnapped and brought to Hanuman Tekdi, a red light area in Bhiwandi district of Thane, by a man known to her, who she considered to be a ‘brother.’  Most women who are trafficked across and out of India are duped and or kidnapped by people known to them — friends, relatives and neighbors.  The woman is under treatment in a local hospital and the police have arrested the brothel owners.  The men who kidnapped and sold her are said to be absconding.


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