A 3-year-old Kindergarten Girl Sexually Assaulted in School in West Bengal

July 02, 2014

A Kindergarten school gardener has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 3-year-old student on June 26.

The parents of the girl report that they had complained to the school headmistress on June 27, but she did not take any action and instead tried to protect the accused. The headmistress refused to speak to the media.

Pankaj Kumar Dwivedi, ADCP (west) of Asansol Durgapur Police Commisionerate, said the school employee had “sexually assaulted” the child between 10am and 11am on June 26. The police arrested the man immediately upon receiving an official complaint from the parents. Dwivdedi said “We will forward him to Burdwan special court on Wednesday and seek to start a case under section 354A IPC and under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.



Yet Another Woman Pushed Off a Moving Train in India

June 29, 2014, West Bengal

22-year-old Arpita Samanta suffered critical injuries after the Ticket Collector pushed her off a running train at Bagnan station in Howrah on Saturday afternoon.
The station was ransacked and trains were held up for over an hour. This came only a day after another ticketless woman was thrown out of a reserved compartment at Eklakhi station near Malda. A mob ransacked the station and held ticket checking staff hostage for nearly eight hours.


Woman Sets Herself and Her Twin Daughters on Fire in Kanpur

21 June, 2014, Kanpur

25-year-old widow Malti Devi set herself ablaze with her twin daughters who were 8 months old, at her house. All the other members of the house said they were sleeping in other parts of the house at the time of the incident.  However Malti’s shrieks were heard around the neighborhood and when her in-laws and neighbours rushed to her room but could not open the door. They broke open the doori took the three to a hospital but all of them succumbed to their injuries. According to villagers, Malti took the extreme step as she was reeling under acute depression following the death of her husband Kamlesh, a truck driver, who died in a accident last year.



6-Year-Old Gang Raped by Teaching Staff; School Refuses to Take Responsibility

July 19, 2014, Bangalore

A six-year-old learning disabled student was gang raped by two members of the staff at a private school in Bangalore. One of attackers is said to be a sports instructor.  Parents attacked the school and more than 400o took to the streets in protest after police  failed to arrest the accused and the school authorities have refused to take responsibility for the safety of students on school premises.  Parents are also angry because some of the private schools, like the one in this incident are trying to force parents to sign release forms, releasing schools of any responsibility.The police also flouted rules while investigating the case. They put the 6-year-old through two rape tests and took her to the school premises at night to re-enact the incident. A mother of a another student has reported that two years ago her 7-year old daughter was also raped on the premises of another private school and the authorities had hushed it up.






Woman Gang Raped by a Lawyer and a Policeman in Uttar Pradesh

Badohi, Uttar Pradesh

The wife of  a government employee was gang raped raped by a lawyer and a policeman on police premises it is reported. The victim has filed a complaint with the police, who have so far only arrested the lawyer.


Rise in Rape by Family Members in India

New Delhi, July 2014

Rape by a family member like a brother or father is one of the most under-reported crimes in India.  The number of cases reported on incest rape in India, has increased from 350 to 501 in the last one year between 2012 to 2013. Most victims are minors, aged between 14-18 years.

Data accessed from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reveal that Maharashtra has reported the highest number of such cases in the last two years increasing from 77 in 2012 to 108 in 2013. This is followed by Kerala which reported 79 cases last year as compared to 47 in 2012. Uttar Pradesh witnessed a sharp increase in reporting of incest rape cases from 12 in 2012 to 63 in 2013. Other states that closely followed are Delhi where cases increased from 41 to 47 and Rajasthan where the number of cases were 56 up from 2012’s 44. Indian laws do not mention incest specifically but in case the victim is a minor, it is treated as a sexual abuse case under the Protection of Child from Sexual Offences Act 2012.


81-yr-old Woman, #Raped, Strangled and Burnt to Death in #Delhi

July 09, 2014

81-year-old Rekha Duggal, the widow of a journalist with a well known news agency, was raped, strangled and burnt to death in her bed, by her domestic help, in her home in Delhi’s upscale Greater Kailash neighborhood.  The domestic help reported it as a fire.  But after initial examination of the body revealed strangulation marks around the neck, he confessed to having raping and then murdering his employee.



http://t.co/MaYhiHQW4s Photo of Rekha with the Dalai Lama


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