Police constable arrested for rape-murder of 8-year-old niece – The Times of India on Mobile

26 September 2014, Rajasthan

A police constable has been charged with raping and strangling to death his 8 year old niece. Later he pretended to help the family search for her and file an FIR (police complaint). He also had a history of sexually abusing children in the family, for which the family had beat him up, but lodged no police complaint. Families often choose to be secretive about routine sexual abuse and sexual violence within the family.


Woman #gang-#raped by daughter’s father-in-law and 6 others – #IndiaNews

27 September 2014, Rampur, UP
A woman whose had complained about being sexually harassed by her daughter’s father-in-law, was attacked and gang raped inside her home by him and six other armed accomplices. While there is social outrage against increased incidents of sexual violence and gang rapes on women outside their homes in India, there is very little attention brought to the same crimes frequently committed within the homes.


Robbers break in, #gang #rape woman, stab husband in posh Jaipur locality – via The Times of #India

September 20, 2014, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Four men broke into a home in an upscale neighborhood, and after assaulting the elderly father-in-law and brutally stabbing the husband, they gang raped the wife before fleeing with valuables. The couples 5 -year-old called for help after they left.

Woman tied to tree and set ablaze for dowry – via Times of India on Mobile

25 August 2014

35-year-old Tabassum died after she was tied to a tree and set on fire by her husband and in-laws because they wanted more dowry. She had been married for 7 years and had two children. Demands for more and more dowry wealth continues for years after marriage, and women are often tortured and killed when they stop giving in to those demands.


Lawyer #Gang #Raped, Consumes Poison in India’s Supreme Court

22 September, 2014 New Delhi
A lawyer who says she was gang raped by her husband’s male relatives, consumed poison in the Supreme Court in the nation’s capital, in her bid to get justice. She says the police has refused to act on her case.

Woman set on fire by #dowry greedy in-laws

21 September 2014 , Chandigarh

Yet another young woman was doused with kerosene and set on fire because her in-laws wanted a car and Rs.10 lakhs in dowry. The woman had called her father the day before to tell him they were threatening to burn her. She survived the attack but is in intensive care with severe burns.


#SexTrafficked “Brides” : “Prices drop with every resale”

September 2014
Jamila is now 60 and sold to her third husband. Hers is one of the many cases of women sex-trafficked across the country, sold and resold multiple times, and subject to extreme sexual and physical violence, including habitual gang rapes by male relatives of the “husband” all in the guise of “marriage.” As one of the traffickers here openly admits, “with every resale the prices (of the ‘brides’) drop, as with any other commodity.” Yet, because this happens in the name of marriage there is no law against it, and no imitative on the part of the government to stop this form of rapidly increasing sex-trafficking.



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