NE Student Sexually Assaulted by Three Male Students At Vishwa Bharati University

29 August, 2014, West Bengal

A student from Sikkim at the prestigious Vishwa Bharati University was sexually assaulted by three other male students at the University.  The student is traumatized not just by the assault but the oppressive treatment meted out to her by the University. Her father said, the university try to prevent them from filing a police complaint, even as they took no action against the male students and grilled the victimized student implying that she may be responsible.  There have been an increasing number of racially motivated sexual and other physical assaults on north-eastern students in the major metropolises of India.

Family buries Alive 7 year old Girl

Uttar Pradesh, 26 August 2014
A 7-year-old motherless girl was buried alive by her relatives but amazingly survived the ordeal.  It seems they had also tried to strangle her to death before they buried her.

#School for #Blind Tries to Hush #Rape of Student by Staff by Paying off Parents

Barrackpore, West Bengal, August 24, 2014

The staff of a blind school at Naihati in North 24-Parganas was arrested for  raping a Class-VIII girl. Police have also detained the teacher in charge of the school who arranged a kangaroo court in the school to settle the matter by paying the parents off without lodging any complaint with the police.

The ordeal of the 14-year-old blind girl came to light while she became pregnant. The accused employee, Biplab Kanai, also arranged an abortion for the victim as part of the ‘deal’ brokered by the school.

School Headmaster in Tamil Nadu Set His Wife on #Fire for #Dowry

Erode, Tamil Nadu July 21, 2014

A 36-year-old government school headmaster in Erode, H Karthikeyan was arrested for dowry harassment and criminal intimidation, when his wife recovering from severe burn injuries told the police that he had set her on fire, and also threatened to kill their son. The wife, 36 year old C Vasanthi, 36, was hospitalized with 60% burns on April 21 in what was earlier thought to be a self-immolation bid. However, it has been revealed now, that  reportedly tried to set her on fire and threatened to kill their son if the truth came out. Consequently, she gave a statement to police saying she tried to take her own life.

#Dalit Woman Accused of Being a “Witch” and Forced to Eat Faeces

Sakrail, Bihar, August 14, 2014

A 35-year-old Dalit woman  was dragged out of her home, beaten and forced to eat human faeces by a group of villagers who accused her of being a witch. Eleven people in Bihar state’s Katihar district attacked the woman, barging into her house while her husband was away.

Husband Beats Wife and 5-month-old Baby to Death for #Dowry

Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, July 31, 2014

In a brutal case of dowry harassment, 25 year old Rupa Devi and her five-month old son Ujjwal Kumar were reportedly beaten to death with a hot iron rod  by her husband Praveen Kumar Mahto . Married for almost two years, the woman was allegedly being tortured for not meeting the dowry demands.

Women Attempting to Escape from a #Women’s #Shelter, Say They Are Being Tortured

Kolkata, West Bengal, 01 August 2014

More than 30 women scaled the walls of a government run shelter for women and tried to escape.  They were caught and brought back.  They complained that they were being tortured in there.  This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred.  There are frequent reports of torture, abuse and rape of women in shelters around India, but there is no reliable system of monitoring and accountability.  Oddly, these women, many of who are destitute, and others who have been rescued from sex trafficking, are locked in like prisoners, and prevented from leaving or escaping when they try, as they did in this case.  Check out the links below.





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