Woman set on fire by #dowry greedy in-laws

21 September 2014 , Chandigarh

Yet another young woman was doused with kerosene and set on fire because her in-laws wanted a car and Rs.10 lakhs in dowry. The woman had called her father the day before to tell him they were threatening to burn her. She survived the attack but is in intensive care with severe burns.


#SexTrafficked “Brides” : “Prices drop with every resale”

September 2014
Jamila is now 60 and sold to her third husband. Hers is one of the many cases of women sex-trafficked across the country, sold and resold multiple times, and subject to extreme sexual and physical violence, including habitual gang rapes by male relatives of the “husband” all in the guise of “marriage.” As one of the traffickers here openly admits, “with every resale the prices (of the ‘brides’) drop, as with any other commodity.” Yet, because this happens in the name of marriage there is no law against it, and no imitative on the part of the government to stop this form of rapidly increasing sex-trafficking.


14-yr-old Delhi girl #sextrafficked by her mother

March 2014, Delhi

A 14-yr-old filed a complaint with the police against her mother who she said sex trafficked her to various men in the city. If she resisted, she would be starved and abused. Most sextraffickers of teenagers in India are people known to them, like family, relatives, and neighbors.


#Dalit #woman beaten up for taking drinking water from upper caste well – via The Times of India

4 September 2014

This is the reality of daily abuse that women from the lower caste Dalit communities face. Many Dalit communities don’t have running water and if they venture to get much needed drinking water from designated “upper caste” wells they are accused of polluting the water and are beaten up as in the case of this woman in Orissa in the link below, or raped and/or killed.

17-year-old girl burnt alive by her stalker

21 September 2014, Kanpur, UP

A 17 year old girl from the Dalit community was doused with kerosene and set on fire by a neighbor who had been stalking her. The girl’s family was aware of the stalker and had tried to warn him off. When a bill against stalking and sexual harassment was being discussed in the Indian Parliament, the chief minister of this state, Uttar  Pradesh, did not support it, saying this was fun that all boys/men engaged in.

Woman shot dead by husband in Agra

21 September 2014. Agra

A 30 year old woman was shot dead by her husband.
Owning a hand gun is first of all illegal in India. It’s not clear how or why the man possessed one.
The neighbors say the couple quarreled every day. Often routine abuse and domestic violence, is socially regarded as “quarrelling.”


I was groped, dragged by the hair, bundled into police van: Jadavpur University student – The Times of India on Mobile

A woman student, one of many, physically and sexually assaulted by the police at the prestigious Jadavpur University, recounts her experience. The students were protesting lack of police action against a group of male students who had sexually assaulted a female student.


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