School Girl Gang Raped by her Boyfriend and his Friends

Patna, Bihar, July 26, 2012

In a horrific incident in Patna, a young girl was gangraped by her boyfriend and his classmates. The boys took turns to rape the girl and continued to shoot the act on their camera.  They then distributed the MMS among their peers to blackmail the victim. The traumatised girl who managed to escape her classmates house where the rape occurred informed her parents immediately about the incident. They kept mum and went into hiding without lodging a police complaint.

A month later, the MMS came into circulation and got picked up by the local media, prompting the State Women Commission to take it up. They asked the Patna police to institute a case.

But nothing was done by the police. No inquiry was initiated on the grounds that their was no direct complainant. An FIR was finally lodged by the Bihar Women’s Commission, naming all final accused.

This incident brings to light,  the callous attitude of all concerned stake holders, be it the police, administration, social organisations or even the media to violence on girls and women in India. Full report here


2 Responses

  1. This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. We will NOT do business with India, places anywhere, including Australia, where this happens. Think about that, no business anywhere until we change completely and this does not happen, people attacking people, and think about it…only for the stronger ones gain = how SAD is this??? Please Stop, Please Stop. If it hurts another person don’t do it.

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